Johnson Warren K. - Abraham

Author : Johnson Warren K.
Title : Abraham Father of many nations An historical novel based on the holy bible and the book of Jasher
Year : 2001

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When studying any historical character it is important to know if the information at hand is authentic. It is especially important in the case of Abraham since many writers and teachers regard him as a legendary figure, more a product of fiction than fact. The Prologue that follows will present exciting scientific and Biblical evidence that you may not have heard before. It is sure to make a difference in your understanding of ancient times. Evidence from the science of Archaeology and related fields removes Abraham and other Bible characters from a legendary realm to their rightful place as imporlant historical figures. In this light, cities and civilizations of Biblical renown assume historical reality. The personality of Abraham looms large on the horizon not long after the Bible record begins. The values of his character become woven into the fabric of his tribe, a tribe that develops into a nation, and company of nations, multiplying progeny and civilizing the world for four thousand years. Myths do not produce results such as this. No attempt is made herein to interpret the Bible and fit its teachings into the pattern of any particular religious organization. This is not to be considered a religious book just because it boldly deals with a figure prominent in at least three major religions of today. The purpose of this book is to bring Abraham to life with the license of a novelist, the evidence of science, and sacred literature as our guide. In an effort to glean as much information as possible about "Abraham's Family", I utilized information from a sacred source in addition to "The Holy Bible." Through this source, once lost, I have been able to add new life to old familiar characters. There are a number of sacred scrolls named in the Old Testament which arc classified as lost; books supposedly scattered or destroyed in the military confli cts that occurred in Judea. These writings, therefore, are not included in the Hebrew Canon. Among the several missing, I draw attention to one in particular. The "Book of Jasher," referred to in Joshua and Second Samuel of the Bible, has been an object of curiosity for Bible scholars over a long period of time. Some contend that because these writings report the lives and acts of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. and other Patriarchs, who were upright in the eyes of God, the work is understandably titled: "Jashe1im, the Just." The translator, who put it into English from the Hebrew, renders the title: "The upright or correct record." This title was not known by scholars and became termed: "The Book of Jasher" (not to be confused as the book of a judge or prophet of Israel). Why is "The Book of Jasher" important to the writing of this novel about Abraham? I call upon the translator's own words for my answer. The unporlant transactions which are narrated with so remarkable a brevity in the Bible, are, in Jasher, more circumstantially detailed. .. The character of Abraham, for piety, true dignity and hospitality, appears to stand unrivaled... This book gives a particular account of the instruction received by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, from Shem and Eber, through which they became so excellent in piety and wisdom, their tutors in leanung having lived to so great an age .... The roots of Abraham are an important part of his story. The Adamic family tree with its chosen branches (identified by different names as millenniums past by) were called Adamites, Aryans, Noahites, Semites, Hebrews, Seed of Abraham and Isaac. Subsequently they became known as Israelites on through David to Yahshua or Jesus. They have demonstrated God's selection and guidance of a family for purposes that ran contrary to all concurrent pagan religious practices. Abraham was a world-renown historical figure. He was instrumental in eliminating horribly oppressive religious beliefs. Through faith in the Covenants offered by his God, he charted a new course of religious freedom for mankind. Thts became a cnttcal turning point in man's civilizing development, for now .man was no longer in bondage to religions and governments by extortiOn and fear. This novel, written with no intention of being adequate or complete on the subject of Abraham's Family, intends to do much more for the reader, however, than just entertain. A new look at a vitally important religious/historical figure, his remarkable accomplishments, and world-shaping destiny, is certain to be educational. Warren K. Johnson, Th.D. ...

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