Jones Philip - Racial hybridity

Author : Jones Philip
Title : Racial hybridity
Year : 1979

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Introduction. Race is one of the most vital matters that a man will ever face, because race is as basic as life itself. Race is a very broad subject, and many important facts are to be found in books, magazines, and other printed materials. However, many facts have been lost to us, because manuscripts have been burned, hidden, suppressed and destroyed. Most of our universities today are staffed and run by Jewish eugenists who either will not or dare not teach the truth on the subject of race, since it would be contrary to their "best interests". It is therefore of utmost importance that important racial truths be gathered and republished in every generation. This is the avowed purpose of this book. Great students of Bible and of race in the last century left us a treasury of information which should not be wasted or forgotten. The problem is not that the subject of race is ignored, nor that there is little interest in it, but that race is an "untouchable" subject in mixed society today. The fast-growing dogma of "human rights" has made the subject taboo for fear of offending someone. Schools curb their teachings lest anyone realize that Whites conquered America to create a homeland for themselves and not to create a human dumping ground or an "experiment station". Only "expurgated" books are available today in schools, offering the usual "baby food". Little wonder adults also prefer to remain blissfully unaware of America 's racist history. We have now become afraid to oppose the system and throw off the mongrel peoples occupying America, already the majority in numbers. The negro population is also multiplying faster than the White population today. Confusion reigns not only in religion and politics, but also in racial studies, and it appears impossible to bring order out of all this chaos. When someone suggests that most peoples in the world today are mixed racially, the world agrees. But mention that Whites and Blacks are the two basic races, and the world hastily disagrees. From their pronouncements it is evident that the main goal of the world ' s leaders is the mongrelization of all Whites, so that White racial superiority will merely be an "evil" of the past. Today Whites are threatened by extinction either by murder or by miscegenation - and no one seems to care which way it happens. Naturally our goal is to preserve the few remaining pure Whites left in the world before they destroy themselves or become victims of genocide. In every area of education today the main thrust appears to be either for racial equality or for integration, although no one really becomes happier because of it. The former (equality) is cruel because of the uncomfortable situations it imposes on everyone when they are considered basically equal. The latter (integration) is unhappy and unnatural for everyone because of innate differences in the races. Only the racial hybrid can be comfortable in a life situation which obliterates true races. The pressure of integration is to get the next generation hybridized so they won't be uncomfortable! The only alternative to this is apartheid - the program which God often demanded His people follow when He said, "Come out from among them and be ye separate." We have tried to pinpoint the pure racial types evident today and certain ones which are not. The author makes no apology for maintaining a Scriptural viewpoint in this, using his premise that mixed peoples can be detected primarily by their negroid characteristics. The pulpit today ignores the racial issues, preferring to believe that any racial stock, regardless of mixture, is acceptable before God. As in the first book of this series, entitled "The Negro", we have herein combined our footnotes with our bibliography. Each quote in the text is foll owed immediately by a parenthesis which gives the number of the book in the bibliography, followed by the page number(s) quoted from. For example, (1:50) refers to #1, Marilyn Allen's book, page 50. The author hopes that his work will be helpful to the reader and will strengthen the White Man's bias towards his own race. We trust that no reader will remain uncommitted when he finishes reading this book. ...

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