Kaiter Enless - Defamation factory

Author : Kaiter Enless
Title : Defamation factory The sordid history of the anti-defamation league
Year : 2018

Link download : Enless_Kaiter_-_Defamation_factory.zip

Preface. There is such a huge literature on Jews that it makes one wonder whether it is necessary at all to add more books on this subject. For the most part, the literature on Jews, at least as far as our postmodern discourse is concerned, depicts them as eternal victims of irrational prejudice by non-Jews. Hence, Jewish victimhood - either real or surreal - must now be projected worldwide as an educational tool for preordaining Jews as moral pillars of the whole of humanity, who, in addition, must be appointed to serve as the conscience of always aggressive and unpredictable Gentiles. Even the literature critical or hostile to Jews, which carries as a rule the label, "anti-Semitic,'' plays an important role in bolstering Jewish identity. Were there no more anti-Semites around, it is questionable how much longer Jewish identity in its actual shape would survive. Likewise, if all present antiSemites were to disappear for good, a new brand of anti-Semitism would likely need to be invented. ...

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