Kilkenny Niall - Magellan meets the giants

Author : Kilkenny Niall
Title : Magellan meets the giants or the cross Unmasked at Last!!
Year : 2007

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Antonio Pigafetta —a Venetian nobleman— joined the expedition of Magellan as the official chronicler of the voyage. Pigafetta kept a richly detailed diary of the expedition in which he made entries every day of the entire odyssey. Pigafetta said that one of the reasons for joining the expedition was to gain some fame for posterity: "Antonio Pigafeta, patrician of Venezia and knight of Rhodi (i.e., Rhodes), to the most illustrious and excellent Lord, Philipo de Villers Lisleadam, renowned grand master of Rhoddi, his most honored lord... and having learned many things from many books that I had read, as well as from various persons, who discussed the great and marvelous things of the Ocean with his Lordship, I determined by the good favor of his Caesarean Majesty, and of his Lordship abovesaid, to experience and to go to see those things for myself, so that I might be able thereby to satisfy myself somewhat, and so that I might be able to gain some renown for later posterity. Having heard that a fleet composed of five vessels had been fitted out in the city of Siviglia for the purpose of going to discover the spicery in the islands of Maluco, under command of Captain-general Fernando de Magaglianes, a Portuguese gentleman, comendador of the (Order of) Santo Jacobo de la Spada (i.e., "St. James of the Sword" (Diary of Pigafetta, p. 23.) Unlike most of the crew, Pigafetta was of one mind with Magellan and almost died defending Magellan at the Battle of Mactan. ...

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