King William - The Space Wolf Omnibus

Author : King William
Title : The Space Wolf Omnibus Warhammer 40000
Year : 2008

Link download :

THE WORLD OF Fenris has long been a proving ground for new recruits into the Space Wolves. The harsh realities of life on that planet prepare the initiates for a lifetime of battle across. the stars - should they survive the induction an.d training. Ragnar is one such recruit - a youth who is saved from death by the mysterious technologies of the Space Marines. But can he control the raging beast within or will it consume him and lead him to take revenge against a fellow recruit who helped murder his entire village? One path will lead to eternal glory in the eyes of the Emperor, whereas the other will only lead to damnation! It's savage action all the way as Space Wolf, Ragnar's Claw and Grey Hunter are collected into this superb omnibus edition. ...

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