Klarfeld Marshall - Adam The Missing Link

Author : Klarfeld Marshall
Title : Adam The Missing Link
Year : 2003

Link download : Klarfeld_Marshall_-_Adam_The_Missing_Link.zip

Human civilization’s first records were discovered on thousands of clay tablets, unearthed in the ruins of the “cradle of civilization”, an area called Mesopotamia in the early 1800’s. The tablets were inscribed with the first written language called cuneiform text by anthropologists. Clay tablets have survived for thousands of years because they were preserved by the heat of fires invading armies instigated to destroy conquered Mesopotamian territory. The information revealed on these cuneiform tablets is the history of earliest human civilization and its roots in the world of the incomprehensibly intelligent extraterrestrial species who visited planet Earth 450,000 years ago. They called themselves Anunnaki. Landing in the body of water now called the Persian Gulf, the Anunnaki established their first settlement at ERIDU (home in the far away). Archeologists have uncovered the sites of five other settlements, located in what is now southern Iraq, that predate the first human civilization of Sumer. The Sumerian civilization produced so many firsts that experts are as yet unable to explain how these early humans invented writing, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, the wheel, the plow, and religion. The Sumerian language is totally unrelated to any other known language. The information revealed on the cuneiform tablets clearly states that it was the Anunnaki that gave the Sumerians “everything.” The Epic of Enuma Elish (The Story of Creation) was found written on seven clay tablets first discovered by Henry Layard, in the ruins of the library of Ashurbanipal in Nineveh. This entire story was recited at every New Year’s ceremony for thousands of years before it was preserved on clay tablets. (Zecharia Sitchins’s book “When Time Began” page 4-- -“One long text, written on seven tablets, has reached us primarily in its later Babylonian version. Called the Epic of Creation and known by its opening words Enuma elish, it was publicly read during the New Year festival that started on the first day of the month of Nissan, coinciding with the first day of spring.”) The Epic of Gilgamesh was found written on twelve clay tablets and it’s recognized as Humanity’s first recorded story. It is entirely probable that this historically significant story also was transmitted orally for many generations before being recorded on clay tablets. Evidence suggests that this important story was given to the Sumerians by the Anunnaki. The express purpose of this story was to transfer important facts to future generations to help unravel the numerous mysteries about the survival of humanity during the Great Flood. The concept of destiny and fate is an essential part of this story. ...

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