Kleemann Harald - Alien initiations

Author : Kleemann Harald
Title : Alien initiations The planetary tale in myth and prophecy
Year : 2003

Link download : Kleemann_Harald_-_Alien_initiations.zip

Author's preface. When the ingress of purported alien intelligence first registered on the cultural radar of modern times, it was naively conjectured that humanity was entering an era of extraterrestrial liaison in the mundane or conventional sense. A century of anomalous exposure and the exfoliation of attendant mythologies, however, have radically redrawn the contours of a mystery, which, owing to its elusive and paradoxical nature, is quintessential of all mysteries. Whatever the ilk of the ghostly, the numinous or alien Other, it calls into question the very foundations of the rational edifice, of the evolutionary and historic paradigm, underpinning the secular notion of human identity. The questions it raises are perennial and primal. It is central to an understanding of the universal given, and so to the question we shall ask in these pages : What, in a nutshell, is the human story ? ...

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