Kovács András - Communism’s jewish question

Author : Kovács András
Title : Communism’s jewish question Jewish issues in communist archives
Year : 2017

Link download : Kovacs_Andras_-_Communism_s_jewish_question.zip

Introduction: The “Jewish Issue” and the East- Central European Communist Systems. To the surprise of many, antisemitism resurfaced in East-Central Europe almost concurrently with the collapse of Communism. It was present not only in publications by minor political groups and in the texts of fringe politicians, many of whom were returning émigrés, but was also present, at least in Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, and with increasing frequency, in pronouncements made by public figures with close ties to the political centre. One frequent claim was that antisemitism was a tool for political and intellectual actors to rally support among social groups most affected by the transitional crisis. While this explanation is clearly a possibility, or even a likelihood, it fails to explain why such efforts were positively received by certain groups, or why a small but not insignificant minority in post-Communist countries proved receptive to the ideological message of political antisemitism. ...

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