Larratt Battersby James - The Book of Aryan Wisdom and Laws

Author : Larratt Battersby James
Title : The Book of Aryan Wisdom and Laws
Year : 1951

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THE RELIGIOUS AND RACIAL BACKGROUND. The Aryan races and nations, the founders of original civilisation, emerge in this era also as the leaders of a new world order. Religion and race are joined in the concept of Aryan Socialism, establishing the Kingdom of God on earth. The broad issue of conflict in the world has been between the Aryan and the Jewish philosophies. This Book is a record of the religious, political, economic and cultural institutions, of the wisdom and laws of the Aryan world, a Guide to a way‐of‐life as lived both communally and individually. The Book is based upon the institutions and achievements of Hitler's Germany. For National Socialism has provided the world of ideas to which all races and nations seeking the way forward to a better world, free from racial decay, usury and war, will turn for guidance Adolf Hitler declared, towards the end of his physical life, that he needed some ten years in which to set down his thoughts and to apply himself to law‐making. Others, he said, would build upon the foundations which he had laid; those who followed him would codify the great life of the German nation. So, as a disciple of Adolf Hitler, I now apply myself to this compilation of the Laws and Institutions of the Aryan World. Many things have been revealed to me in the Spirit; and the Wisdom of Adolf Hitler inspires the works that I am now ordained to give to the Peoples. Hitler was chosen by God for unique tasks; He was the prophet of the rebirth of man in a new form. Through him has the world verily found a New Order, combining Church and State, the spiritual and the 'material, in a consummation uniting all religions in a Brotherhood of man under the Guidance of God. So is written the Book of Aryan Law and religious revelation. May God open the eyes of the Gentiles to Truth, and carry his Holy Gospel to the ends of the earth. JAMES LARRATT BATTERSBY Southport, England. November, 1951. ...

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