Ley Robert - Roosevelt betrays America

Author : Ley Robert
Title : Roosevelt betrays America
Year : 1942

Link download : Ley_Robert_-_Roosevelt_betrays_America.zip

We stand at the threshold of a new era. An old world is used up and exhausted, a new one is knocking strongly and insistently at the doorway of the world. The young peoples, called the havenots by the old sinking capitalist world, are demanding their right to recognition and equality. The aging world of money and democracy does not want to make room. The honorable Lord Halifax said it plainly: They want to live on in the gluttony and luxury to which they have become accustomed. Their standpoint was: “Money rules the world, and the have-nots will have to accept that fact.” They sought the war, they provoked and maneuvered to get it. They pressed the young peoples of Germany, Italy and Japan wherever they could. They wanted war, a real world war — and now they have it. Not only two worlds of ideas are at war here, but the whole world. This war reaches every corner of the world. The plutocrats are on the line; they have to defend themselves. The Jews and their hired lackeys, Churchill and Roosevelt, must themselves step into action. The field is cleared, and now we face our real enemy, the men behind the scenes who over the decades plunged the world into disorder, war, and revolution, but whose own valuable capitalist lives were naturally too valuable to sacrifice in war. But finally we have forced them into the open, and we have sworn that we well not let go of them until their murderous handiwork is laid bare. This is a hard war, a matter of being or not being, of life or death, either or. We therefore must understand the strengths and capacities of our main enemy, to weigh and evaluate them insofar as it is possible within this brief pamphlet. We will consider the grounds that moved Mr. Roosevelt to drive his people into war. Aside from his deep hatred against us Germans in general and National Socialism in particular, there naturally are domestic causes and imperialist intentions that led the warmongering clique in New York to chase after war until they finally caught it. Let us begin. ...

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