Ley Robert - The Jews or us

Author : Ley Robert
Title : The Jews or us
Year : 1939

Link download : Ley_Robert_-_The_Jews_or_us.zip

In human life, a leader must emerge who can win others with his faith and make them happy. That is where leadership comes from. The same is true of nations. A nation and a race are called to make the others happy. One nation must rise above the others, and raise the others as well. What we often saw in our meetings before the seizure of power is repeated here. Then we would enter the hall with a small group of supporters. Once, in fact, I was alone: speaker, treasurer, meeting chair, and protection all in one person. We naturally could not hope to win everyone in the hall to National Socialism. We were happy when the mass in the room was moved, when there was lively response and exchange of opinions. We knew that the swastika never released those it came in contact with, not even the most bitter opponent. They complained and fought us, but they had been reached. That is how we move people today. Roosevelt speaks about us more than anything else, and his men and ministers speak only about us. England always held its reserve, but cannot do so any longer. France is in the same situation. Even the election of the pope stood in the shadow of the swastika, whether the gentlemen liked it or not. I am sure they spoke of nothing else than how to find a candidate for the chair of St. Peter who was more or less up to dealing with Adolf Hitler. National Socialism concerns the leaders of the world, it moves the peoples. Germany is at the center of the world, and the world asks: “What is Adolf Hitler doing?” That is their nervous question. My party comrades, today the swastika forces the world to take a position for or against us. The world must decide, it has no choice. There can be no compromise. The Jew leads the other world. It is all or nothing. There is no going back. Our idea is moving the world, it is forcing humanity to choose for us or against us. It forces the Jews from behind their lackeys. They must fight. We want that fight, for we know that if we do not succeed in winning enough ground for our people, everything we have done will be in vain. Do you think that the Christian Reich would have been strong enough to gain the conquests of the Führer, even if its army were ten times as strong? It was only possible because these 80 million people had been largely freed from that “blessing.” 80 million slaves had become masters, because these 80 million no longer fight about little things. ...

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