Lilienthal Alfred M. - The other side of the coin

Author : Lilienthal Alfred M.
Title : The other side of the coin An american perspective of the arab-israeli conflict
Year : 1965

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Introduction. This tale, which began some sixteen years ago, represents no spontaneous combustion. Long before the new white flag of Israel with its single blue six-pointed star had been hoisted in 1948 to a mast on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, I sensed a grave danger to faith and to country. I feared that the Judaism in which I had been reared was being shorn of its spiritual universalism and that the faith was being polluted by nationalistic chauvinism. The creation of a Zionist state in the heart of the Arab world, I felt, could only adversely affect the position of the United States and of the free world in the strategic Middle East. ...

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