Long Huey Pierce - Share our wealth

Author : Long Huey Pierce
Title : Share our wealth Every man a king
Year : 1979

Link download : Long_Huey_Pierce_-_Share_our_wealth.zip

HUEY P. LONG : AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY. Huey Long was born August 30, 1893, and died from an assassin's bullet on September 10, 1935. His super-rich enemies called him a communist, some radicals called him a fascist, and many poor people called him a savior. None of these discriptions fit Huey Long. He was cut from the same cloth as Thomas Paine, Henry Thoreau, Eugene Debs and other American revolutionaries. Although different in style, Huey's message was the same as these worthies. Huey Long cut his radical teeth at his daddy's knee. His distrust and hatred for the super-rich was born of personal experience and the collective experience of several generations of northern Louisiana dirt farmers. Huey's family knew first-hand the corrupting influence of the slave-holding aristocracy. Later, he was to tangle with this mentality in the from of the Standard Oil Company, which served to deepen and mature his radicalism. Two years after Huey was born, one of the small group of men who owned and ran the United States at that time, J.P. Morgan "saved" the nation by making it a substanti:_ al loan. "In 1895, the banking house of J.P. Morgan & Co. supplied the u.s. Government with $62,000,000 in gold to restore the treasury gold reserve to $100,000,000." (Encyclopedia Britannica, 1960) In other words, J.P. Morgan had more gold than the entire government of the United States of America. ...

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