Ludovici Anthony Mario - Jews, and the jews in England

Author : Ludovici Anthony Mario
Title : Jews, and the jews in England (Cobbett)
Year : 1938

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Preface. In the following pages it is proposed to deal as briefly, exhaustively and authoritatively as possible with all the main problems relating to the Jews in England, so that Englishmen may have a basis of reliable doctrine and fact on which to found their attitude towards the whole question. At the very outset it is important to warn the reader that the high feeling created over this question, through recent anti-Semitic measures adopted in Germany, has not unnaturally tended to obscure many of the most important issues which have to be decided. Many statements made by both sides in the controversy, ever since the advent of the National Socialists to power, are of a kind which - particularly when they claim to be objective and scientific - reflect but little credit upon those responsible for them. They display none of that impartial spirit in which history, anthropology or characterology can usefully be taught, and sometimes compare so unfavourably with the work of those investigators, such as Milman, Renan, Cunningham, Ripley, Keane, etc., who wrote in quieter times, that their heat and bias are immediately obvious even to the uninformed. By restricting the following discussion chiefly to facts which are more or less established, and to authorities who are predominantly Jewish, it is hoped, in spite of the still appreciable warmth of the disputants on either side in Europe, to avoid the bias of the partisan and the speciousness of the debater. If, however, in thus attempting to recover the calm of the pre-Hitler historians, it will hardly be possible to please the extremists through our lack of violence, and the Liberals through our statement of many unpalatable and seemingly offensive truths, the earnest English student, it is believed, will give us his support, and it is to him rather than to modern Germans or Jews that this treatise is addressed. ...

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