Maclaren John - The history of Ancient Caledonia

Author : Maclaren John
Title : The history of Ancient Caledonia
Year : 1879

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From the time of Saint Caldea, the founder of Christianity (Before Saint Caldea came the name that was given to our Forefathers was the great Pine Mountain Savages giving an account of the first discoverers of iron and steel, the two sons of “MacKay of the law” the building and destruction of Troy, the returning of the royal slaves from the siege of Jerusalem - their departure from - trials, hardships, and endurances until their landing at Montrose The great Grampian Mountains stern and wild, With proof there lives a true-born Israel child The Roman tyrants made them mourn: Their backs to the foe they never yet did turn, Tried on many a foreign field The Clans of Caledonia were never known to yield. ...

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