Mange Charles Lee - The two seeds of Genesis

Author : Mange Charles Lee
Title : The two seeds of Genesis
Year : 1982

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This book is written in the faith that a remnant of the Covenant Family of Christian people will see the light of Genesis 3: 15. By faith we proceed with the belief that the Living Church of Jesus Christ in this earth will see that Genesis 3: 15 is the key that unlocks the meaning of the Holy Scriptures, Genesis to Revelation. Any effort to evade, suppress, ignore, or diminish the truth of Genesis 3: 15 can result only in the further loss and decline of Christian Civilization in our Western world. You may think that you know your Bible; you may pride yourself in having read and studied the Bible, and even cloke yourself in great accolades received from the Bible institutes of this world. But until you have confronted the truth of Genesis 3. 15 you can never understand the Bible. The denominational Church world has spiritualized the literal truth of Genesis 3.15. Moreover, most Bible Scholars who pride themselves in having divorced themselves from the denominational dogmas of the Church world will not touch the reality of Genesis 3.15. Until we are ready to examine the awesome fact that Almighty God, in the consequence of sin’s entry into the world, placed hatred (enmity) between two opposing seedlines of literal people in this earth, we can never come to the knowledge of the truth. From the beginning, with the fall of Adam into sin and the bondage of death, two opposing seedlines have been operating in history. The seed of the serpent constitutes a literal, flesh and blood people, who are determined to claim the dominion of this earth to the glory of Satan and the enshrinement of everything that is anti-Christian in thought, word and deed. This is the left side of Genesis 3.15. Opposing the left side of Genesis 3.15 is the seed of the Woman, or the race of Adam out of which sprang Jesus Christ as evidenced in St. Matthew 1.1 Today our world is divided between the left and the right side of Genesis 3.15. There is no neutral ground. If you are not for Jesus Christ, and standing on the right side of Genesis 3.15, you are on the side of Satan and his minions. The Bible provides no middle ground for anyone. You either stand to the right of Genesis 3.15 on the side of the children of the Kingdom, the children of Light, the true Seedline of Adam, Shem, Eber and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-Israel, now identified in the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Slavonic peoples of the western world, or you stand on the left side of Genesis 3.15 on the side of Satan and the anti-Christ minions that have gathered there at this consummation of the ages. There is no place for lukewarm people. There can be no fence riders in the present conflict between good and evil, right and wrong, between the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Satan. The Seed of the Woman constitutes a physical, genetic race of people, beginning with Adam, continuing into post-flood history with Shem, Eber (Hebrews) and then Israel, a people descending from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-Israel. The Seed of the Woman, standing on the right side of Genesis 3.15 is represented among the Christian nations of the western world in contemporary history. The left side of the Genesis 3.15 is represented by those people who have been fighting against Jesus Christ, against Christian Liberty and everything that has or ever was Christian in this earth for the past six thousand years. ...

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