Allen Marilyn Ross - Alien Minorities and Mongrelization

Author : Allen Marilyn Ross
Title : Alien Minorities and Mongrelization
Year : 1949

Link download :

ALIEN dissident discordant minorities are an unassimilable, disruptive, incompatible element in an otherwise largely homogeneous Anglo-Saxon population. They have an alien or anti-pathetic culture, ideology, racial heritage, to that of the majority of the indigenous white inhabitants. What are erroneously known as ''Minorities" in America today are NOT the "smaller in number of two parts or parties." They are distinct, separate groups, races, and cultures, WHICH DO NOT BELONG TO THE MAJORITY WHITE CHRISTIAN CIVILIZATION OF AMERICA. Actually, the ONLY MINORITY, in the real sense of the word, today, is the White Christian Constitutional Nationalist. HE is the TRUE American, who is being discriminated against, by the UNAmerican INTERNATIONALISTS who sit in the seats of power. ...

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