Marrs Texe - Conspiracy world

Author : Marrs Texe
Title : Conspiracy world A truthteller’s compendium of eye–opening revelations and forbidden knowledge
Year : 2009

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Introduction. Welcome to Conspiracy World. I must admit, I was lamentably late in discovering that virtually the entire world is an undiscovered labyrinth of conspiracy. For the first four decades of my life I was so busy going to school and college, serving the nation through a productive, full career in the U.S. Air Force, and then afterward, embarking on a career in high technology that I had little time for anything else. But, about a quarter of a century ago, I finally hit upon the field of Conspiracy Science. Yes, I do view this important, life–changing area of knowledge a science. Perhaps it’s the most vital of all sciences. It’s certainly not conspiracy theory we’re interested in. What is most essential is to meticulously investigate facts and discover facts that can be proven and demonstrated. Let the unlearned critic call me and you “conspiracy theorists,” “kooks,” “whackos,” “wingnuts” or whatever other scathing, descriptive phrase they care to conjure up. I really do not care. Not a whit. Scientific truth is its own reward, and as the old saying goes, “Truth is often stranger than fiction.” Frankly, I find that most people who scoff at the evidence you’ll find in this immense volume of truthful information are, themselves, woefully ignorant on these subjects. Really, most people who dismiss conspiracy research turn out to be useless idiots whose imbecile, sponge–like brains are fed constantly at the public trough of propaganda and disinformation. These pitiful fools actually believe the silly nonsense they read in such garbage rags as The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Houston Chronicle, Newsweek, or Time, and they are easily bamboozled by the fairy tales and myths woven by news anchors daily reading the teleprompter at CBS, Fox, and other TV networks. These poor folks remind me of the biblical story of the pompous but ill–informed Roman Governor Pontius Pilate who, face to face with Jesus—who, literally was “The Way, the Truth, and the Life”—cynically asked Him, “What is truth?” Sadly, the vast majority of critics of conspiracy research have been spoon–fed so much clap–trap and so many absurd, useless lies by the deceivers, they now cannot comprehend reality. Consequently, they are helpless and utterly unable to escape Big Brother’s matrix. Like a fly caught in the spider’s web, their destiny is fixed. Tragic, indeed. But there is hope for those entrapped individuals. If they want to really, really know the truth, it is available, though very hard to find. It requires maximum effort, but discovering truth can be highly rewarding. Once I began my research and investigation into Conspiracy Science, I was hooked. Those of you who, like me, continually hunger for truth and light know of what I speak. What a joy it is to discover real, honest truth and to discard and pitch into the waste–bin the lies and unfactual trash piled and heaped upon mankind throughout the centuries by so many con–men, psychopaths, and dishonest manipulators of truth and history. ...

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