Marrs Texe - Days of hunger, days of chaos

Author : Marrs Texe
Title : Days of hunger, days of chaos The coming great food shortages in America
Year : 1999

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Introduction. "Behold A Pale Horse". Often, I have been asked, "What, in your opinion, is the single most frightening and most terrible of all the images found in the prophetic scriptures of the Holy Bible?" Without hesitation, my response is always the same. To me, Revelation 6 is by far the most gripping and evocative. From the moment I first heard this passage read aloud in church until today, a half century later, I continue to be both captivated and horrified by the dramatic description God has given us of end-times events in the sixth chapter of the book of Revelation. Here is recorded the ultimate in evil and monstrous deeds. Here we see the ominous, dreaded Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, galloping toward us at full speed, bringing in their wake judgement in the form of savage wars, bloodshed, carnage, famine, hunger and disease. ...

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