Mills Alexander Rud - The odinist religion overcoming jewish christianity

Author : Mills Alexander Rud
Title : The odinist religion overcoming jewish christianity
Year : 1939

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Introduction. To-day, in all Christendom, there is a pervading instinctive fear. That fear is growing, and in some people is already akin to despair. Very little is done to disperse the cause of the fear. Very little can be done, for very few can yet see the cause. Some who do see it, do not know how to combat it or are too timid to combat it. No ordinary means are available to oppose the present peril. No Act of Parliament or manipulation of finance will meet the position. Nevertheless, there is a means of dealing with to.... day's threat against us, and that is to examine and amend the basis of our society. Our general attitude to God and His reality (or our Religion) is that basis. The nature of our attitude to God's reality is expressed in Jesus.... Christianity, and with that we shall deal in the following pages. The time for mending our ways is short, and perils approach us daily with ever .... increasing rapidity. Some people say regarding our efforts : - "Too late!" and "Australians will not listen to anything except sporting results--races and the like," and "We know that to.... day· s type of Democracy is all a lie. But we cannot alter it," and "I cannot afford to fight the vested interests based on our long.... accepted culture. It might pay in the long run. I think it might. But I must get my children their food this week. I am compelled to look to the Immediate," and Many are deterred from examining the basis of our society by the subtle or bullying threats in our Jew-worshipping religion, some are intrigued by its intricacies, and some by its confusion and chaotic direction. Many are deterred by the parasite's contempt for them, and by the beefy threat of his hirelings. The difference between Odinists and the people above referred to is this-the Odinists are going to try. Others may sit and wail, or drink whisky. talk and talk, whisper, or do what they like. We must win, for our own and our children's sakes, win for the honour of our British people in . Australia and beyond the seas, and because it is our high duty to win. To help to the understanding of the Odinist movement, we now include herein three of our pamphlets as distributed. They will serve as an introduction to the lectures following them. They are. ...

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