Missler Chuck - Eastman Mark - Alien encounters

Authors : Missler Chuck - Eastman Mark
Title : Alien encounters
Year : 1997

Link download : Missler_Chuck_-_Eastman_Mark_-_Alien_encounters.zip

Forword. A forword revisited. "Every once in a while a book comes along that has great impact on the world, its societies, its belief systems, its people. The impact of Voyage to the New World will be measured in these terms.... " DOUGLAS JAMES MAHR. VOYAGE TO THE NEW WORLD. The excerpt on the preceeding page, from the foreword of my 1985 book, Voyage to the New World, may have sounded flamboyant, but it proved astonishingly prophetic. That book did, indeed, lead the way to a new wave of publishing called New Age, according to Publisher's Weekly. And, the New Age publishing wave has had a profound impact, just as predicted. It was an exciting voyage for me, an adventure inviting audiences of millions to watch and listen during nearly 100 television and radio interviews. And, as foretold, the book launched a complete paradigm shift of thought which now dominates the shelf space in virtually every book store... and the minds of more than 50 million people in the United States alone. It also led to my becoming a friend, a colleague, advisor, mentor and pal to Shirley MacLaine, whose Out on a Limb would demolish the mini-series ratings records and officially launch the New Age, with my books riding the publicity. I was the guy who helped bring in the New Age in all of its birthday glory. I was, in practical terms, one of the "founders" of the New Age movement. I was caught up in its euphoria, and, yes, became part of its deceptions. The most well-known channeled entity in the universe, Ramtha, recruited me to be his chief writer—his "Master-scribe," actually. Ramtha was the mysterious thing who introduced me to Shirley MacLaine. (Ramtha advised Shirley while she was writing Out on a Limb. Ramtha is the mysterious entity who has been studied, analyzed, and attacked for debunking without apparent success. Ramtha ostensibly orchestrated the popularization of the New Age, incidentally) And the next question is, Why? (The answers are in this book you now have in your hands.) As one who was very much caught up in this new wave of thought, I am in a unique position to evaluate this unusual book. I believe this book by Chuck Missler and Mark Eastmanmay well prove to be the most significant book of our times. It could also prove to be the most critical book you have ever read personally. The conclusions the authors carefully develop may alter your own entire world-view in ways that may significantly affect your personal destiny. The insights contained in this book have certainly altered my own! It's all about the war. An invisible war. A cosmic contest which may, indeed, engulf the planet Earth in ways that very few have any capacity to anticipate. Anyone who has been watching the news, or has been profiling the entertainment media, realizes that our society is increasingly being con-fronted with the "invisible" world—and what was once the domain of science fiction and the lunatic fringe, has now become the preoccupation of serious scientific investigations and has also become a major centroid of policy within the classified government community. Beyond the recent space discoveries, beyond the upheavals from the realm of quantum physics, beyond the bizarre reports from the paranormal, beyond the current conjectures about black holes, wormholes, and time warps, Alien Encounters addresses the new reality: what it is, what it's made of, who's in the driver's seat, where we're heading, and how to make the correct turns. There is a cosmic deception being orchestrated and you are one its targets. Prepare yourself for an amazing adventure, moving into a vast hypernew view of thinking as you begin to explore unseen dimensions of deep space-time. Let the adventure begin! Douglas James Mahr. Author, Voyage to the New World, who has returned. as a wiser and deeply concerned watchman. Big Bear Lake, California. ...

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