Morelli Luigi - Social threefolding in relation to Rudolf Steiner's mission

Author : Morelli Luigi
Title : Social threefolding in relation to Rudolf Steiner's mission
Year : 2012

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The present essay explores the relationship between Steiner’s revelations on karma and reincarnation and his work on threefolding. I want to draw the attention of the reader first of all to the deep connection between these two themes. Following this, I endeavor to show that both teachings had a central role in Steiner’s life task, and that his own biography becomes more fully understandable when both are taken into account. Steiner’s personal unsparing investment in spreading the ideas of threefolding, and ensuring their realization to whatever extent possible, also becomes more fully understandable. In the book Rudolf Steiner’s Life Tasks in Relation to World Karma, I explored Steiner’s task in relation to that of Karl Julius Schröer. The book shows that Steiner’s life task lay in the reintroduction of the teachings of karma and reincarnation in a Christianized fashion. The book also follows the relationship between Steiner and Schröer, from both biographic and karmic perspectives. ...

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