Murdock D. M. - Interviews with Acharya S

Author : Murdock D. M. (Acharia S)
Title : Interviews with Acharya S
Year : 2011

Link download :

Preface. For the first time, I have collected together various written interviews in English given over the past several years. I have placed these articles in chronological order from the earliest to the latest. There is more biographical material in this ebook than in most of my writings, and some of it is repeated at certain points. Yet, there is also quite a bit of factual material about my favorite subjects, including religion, mythology, astrotheology, history, archaeoastronomy and languages, etc. It is interesting also to note the changes in the world since the earliest of these interviews took place. The commentaries at the beginning of each interview are not mine but those of the interviewers. Neither these comments nor the interviewers' questions necessarily reflect my views. Some of the text of both the questions and answers has been changed, as part of this update, to render it more comprehensible and accurate. Spelling and grammar have been cleaned up, and the articles are also edited for style. All highlighted quotes centered and bolded are mine; these are repeated within the text itself at the appropriate place. The Progressive Observer interview of 2004 leads the way and reflects a time when I only had two books published, The Christ Conspiracy and Suns of God. The interviewer's cautionary comments provide a good place to start. The TPO article was edited for publication on the interviewer's website, but I include here my complete responses. I remember Storm Fox as a young college student whose enthusiastic interview earned him an A grade. His interview was published on, and the intro was written by Joan D'Arc, whose own interview is included here as well. "Infidelis Maximus" is the pen name of a mysterious person who came and went, after publishing my interview on his popular blog, having subsequently found himself besieged by the sort of ranting ne'er-do-wells who regularly harangue me. Burton Wolfe wanted to interview me at great length—and then he got busy elsewhere for a couple of years. That's okay, as I've got more unfinished and unpublished work than I can shake a stick at! Much to my amusement, I discovered that his long list of some 30 questions was only a preliminary to the "real" interview, which we never did. Greek polytheism enthusiast Minas Papageorgiou ended up having an article about mythicism featuring me in a major Greek newspaper's weekly magazine, Phainomena, published during Christmas week, 2010. Joan D'Arc is a dear friend from years back who has published several articles of mine in her fascinating periodicals and books under the Paranoia title. Andrés Lomeña caught me at a very busy moment, right as I was completing my book Christ in Egypt. His interview was originally published in Spanish but is included here in English. David Miller aka "Shankbone" has photographed hordes of celebrities, providing some 4,000 images for Wikipedia over the years. He has also interviewed some very famous people, including Israeli president Shimon Perez, Wiki founder Jimmy Wales and controversial writer Salman Rushdie. ...

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