Murdock D. M. - Who was Jesus

Author : Murdock D. M. (Acharia S)
Title : Who was Jesus
Year : 2007

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In the nearly two millennia since the story of Jesus Christ began to be circulated, millions of people have wondered, "Who is Jesus Christ?" Much ink has been spilled, and many thousands of books have been written about this grandest of gods and men, in the quest to portray the "real Jesus." Practically every personality type and special interest group has been able to find a reflection of itself in Jesus, and countless people have looked to him as their inspiration and champion. Many millions, in fact, are quite convinced that Christ is indeed the God of the universe who came to Earth in a human body 2,000 years ago. Still others have settled into a comfortable position that Jesus was a "nice guy" and a "great leader" or a "political rebel" who fought for the underdog. These individuals often believe that Jesus was simply a human being, not God, but that his enthusiastic followers added a series of fairytales to his biography after his death. A minority of others have looked at the story with a jaundiced eye and found little evidence to be convinced of either of these two perspectives. The life of Jesus Christ is principally drawn in four "gospels" or books found in the New Testament section of the Holy Bible. There were many other gospels, numbering around 50, written by a variety of people, but these four were deemed "canonical," or authorized, and placed into the Bible. Along with the canonical letters or epistles, these four gospels are asserted to have been the only truly inspired Christian texts. In other words, the faithful believe these books were written at the request of God Himself, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In the pursuit here to discover Jesus, I will confine my analysis mainly to these four books, the Gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, as well as certain other biblical and Christian texts. The Gospel According to Matthew. The gospel of Matthew is traditionally placed at the beginning of the New Testament canon, but there have been many debates over the centuries as to which book was written first, with arguments for practically every order. It is generally agreed that Matthew is placed first because it was done so in the most ancient traditions, and because it presents a satisfactory synopsis of Christ's life. ...

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