Murray Robert - Decline and Fall of the American Empire

Author : Murray Robert
Title : Decline and Fall of the American Empire And The Death of American Liberty
Year : 1995

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It is no coincidence that the title of this book appears to be a plagiarism. This book, however, is a serious attempt to show the parallels of the two empires: Rome and United States of America. Gibbon1 did not cover the rise of the empire in his book. I also will not dwell on the rise of the empire. I will concentrate on its decline. A coincidence however, does seem to exist with Gibbon’s epic. Gibbon began writing his Decline in 1776, the same year America was born. Gibbon had the hindsight of a millennium and a half of history with which to gauge his book. I, on the other hand, have merely the record of contemporaneous history in which to make my observations. I hesitate to compare this book with Gibbon’s epic work for fear of being branded an egoist. I am however, an unabashed egoist and must suffer my fate. Gibbon’s work is nevertheless a masterpiece of research and diligence, whereas this book is a collection of observations and extrapolations … Hardly the gender of the master. Gibbon relied heavily on the written works of the noble Romans, and was justly rewarded. The volumes he searched were liberally sprinkled with, what is now termed, propaganda. Those nobles were loath to soil their memories with the truth. Gibbon, however, was able to sift the wheat from the chaff. He used post contemporaneous accounts written by counter-historians. Gibbon attacked his work as an historian adding few comments. This work examines sociological, psychological, anthropological, political and economical bases for the fall with numerous comments and footnotes. America’s contemporaneous history is rife with fictional tales of America’s greatness and its patriots. Let us also attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff. A point toward this effort: Benedict Arnold. Americans widely believe Benedict was a traitor. However, at the time, he was a subject of King George III. Would he not be a traitor to the (legitimate) government by becoming a rebel? What if the rebels (now renamed: revolutionaries) lost? Would not George Washington be branded as the traitor? The winning side writes history. It is not up to us to find which history is correct. Some historian, one or two thousand years, in the future will do it for us. In 1973, if you were to believe history, Nixon was an honorable man. In the short intervening years, history has been revised. This is a remarkable example of short time historical revision. This is due to the ease of modern communication. I will return to this theme: modern communication. Not all history is so easily reversed. Still, there are thousands of recent examples such as this. This book will not become a platform for political diatribe, endlessly repeating what is already known or sensed. This book intends to dwell on the scenario of the fall not the personalities behind it. There're too many to notice nevertheless report. To be sure, personalities will emerge. They will be illustrative of a situation not a reproach of an individual. After all, even great leaders are individuals. And individuals are fallible. As the Romans were fond of telling their heroes: “Sic transit gloria mundi.” This (worldly) glory passes. Roman history proves it. Rome is not alone, ancient Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Persia, all have found: Gloria transit. Rome had its comeuppance. So did Egypt, Greece, Persia and the rest. Some say America is due for a comeuppance. Are we witnessing it today? Unless you are totally blind or live on a desert island, the answer is clearly: yes. Unwilling as I am to come to terms with the comeuppance, I find it as inevitable as the next sunset. Babylon lasted four thousand years, ancient Egypt lasted three thousand, and Rome lasted about a thousand. America has lasted, so far, two hundred and twenty. It can be concluded that an empire’s lifetime is inversely proportional to the date the empire began. The earlier the empire, the longer it lasts. ...

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