Nelson Phillip F. - LBJ from mastermind to the "colossus"

Author : Nelson Phillip F.
Title : LBJ from mastermind to the "colossus" The lies, treachery, and treason continue
Year : 2014

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Foreword. Power tends to corrupt; and absolute power corrupts absolutely. - LORD ACTON. Here is a bulletin from CBS News. In Dallas, Texas, three shots were fired at President Kennedy’s motorcade… - WALTER CRONKITE, 1:38 P.M. EASTERN TIME, NOVEMBER 22, 1963 he events of November 22, 1963, now seem long ago and far away, even to those of us who remember that cataclysmic moment, that time when we heard the news of a murder that changed our world. The Earth has continued to turn, life goes on, and history has recorded many deeds of fearsome violence since that deceptively sunny autumn day in Dallas. Murders, including assassinations, have been all too common in our experience; even schoolchildren and mall shoppers have become routine fair game for a culture that is hag-ridden by dreams of suicidal violence and a gory “fifteen minutes of fame.” These are transmitted to the rest of the planet via Internet links that can alert us all to such events within seconds. We are jaded by the minute-by-minute parade of smartphone videos, showing all manner of awfulness: from bombings - suicide and otherwise - to shootings, drone attacks, hostage situations, tsunamis, and mass graves. It is the stench of our civilization, the noise floor of the world. We are inured - we frown, we shrug, we turn away. And yet, somehow, this murder and that day continue to haunt the American imagination, tantalizing us with a gnawing sense that something isn’t right. Somehow, we’ve missed what really happened. It’s there, at the very edge of our field of vision. Over there - in the periphery, hidden in dark windows, crouched under trees and behind fences, and populating the storm drains of an obscure Dallas plaza in brilliant light - cold-blooded murderers were brutal foot-soldiers of a dark power. That deadly attack overturned the ideal that Lincoln stated with nobility in his Gettysburg Address. We remember the key phrase: “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” ...

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