Nijeboer Arjen - The Catholic origin of the European Union and its tranformation

Author : Nijeboer Arjen
Title : The Catholic origin of the European Union and its tranformation
Year : 2014

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Preface : Rudolf Steiner’s Prediction. During his lecture of April 11th, 1924, Rudolf Steiner stated: “Leading personalities say: those that represent the principle of the Roman Church, will do everything to make the states of the former German Empire independent, and to unite those independent states, with the exception of – I’m just repeating – the abundance of power of Prussia, into a refounding of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, which, as a matter of course, when it is refounded by such an eminent group, will expand its power over the surrounding territories. Because – so say these people – we need this to eradicate the most dangerous, most terrible movements of the present age. And – so continue these people – if we don’t succeed, and we will succeed, then we will find other ways to eradicate the most dangerous movements of the present age, and they are the anthroposophical movement and the movement for religious renewal. I’m quoting almost verbatim.” Is Rudolf Steiner talking about the European Union here? If so, what about the eradication of anthroposophy? What are the essential traits of the Roman-Catholic movement that wants to refound the Holy Roman Empire? And what can we do to transform this situation into something better ? Those questions are the focus of the present working paper, which as it name suggests is of preliminary character and can hopefully be used for debate and exchange. At this point this paper has many deficiencies, which can hopefully be corrected in a future longer publication. Please also excuse the errors in language (I’m no native speaker!) which no doubt will be in here. I’d like to thank in alphabetical order the following people for various kinds of help, reading tips and feedback (sometimes just one crucial sentence or idea) from which this paper benefitted: Ezrah Bakker, Heiko Dittmer, Michael Efler, Michel Gastkemper, Stephan Geuljans, Jac Hielema, Gerald Häfner, Ivar Hermans, John Hogervorst, Barbara Hoheneder, Roman Huber, Marc Janssens, Bruno Kaufmann, Michiel Klinkhamer, Ebeth van Loon, Marco Matthijsen, Paul Nollen, Evelien Nijeboer, Kees van der Pijl, Thomas Rupp, Harrie Salman, Jan Willem Sap, Daniel Schily, Jos Verhulst, Richard Wouters and Reinout Wijbenga. Of course, the usual disclaimer applies. An extra special thanks goes to my wife and son, Myrtle and Christian, for their continuous support, love and understanding. Wormer (Netherlands), Nov 1, 2014. Arjen Nijeboer. ...

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