Nott Josiah Clark - Two Lectures, on the natural history of the Caucasian and Negro Races

Author : Nott Josiah Clark
Title : Two Lectures, on the natural history of the Caucasian and Negro Races
Year : 1844

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Preface. With the view of exciting a taste for literary and scientific pursuits, several gentlemen proposed a course ofpopular Lectures in Mobile, leaving the choice ofsubjects to those gentlemen who might be disposed to embark in the enterprise. Amongst others I was solicited to take part, and the following pages contain two lectures which I delivered, with some modification in the Introduction, and the addition ofan Appendix. These lectures were written in the midst of pressing professional engagements, without the most distant idea of publication; and I have since their delivery, been so much occupied that I have not had time to copy the manuscript, or superintend properly the printing. They will therefore be found full of typographical errors, errors in style, punctuation, &c. Parts ofmy lectures, however, have been misunderstood and misrepresented, and I have therefore determined to publish without delay, in self-defence. We have no good library in Mobile, and those who know the extent and difficulty of my subject, need not be told that this is an ample reason for the omission of many important facts. I have drawn largely from the able works of Pritchard, Caldwell, Gliddon, Morton, and others whose quotations and facts can be relied on. The parts which treat of the effect of crossing races, are those to which I wish to draw more particular attention, as these facts have not heretofore been sufficiently considered. Mobile, Feb., 1, 1844. ...

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