O'Donovan John - Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland

Author : O'Donovan John
Title : Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland, by the four masters, from the earliest period to the year 1171
Year : 1849

Link download : O_Donovan_John_-_Annals_of_the_Kingdom_of_Ireland.zip

Introductory remarks. The first part of the following Annals, ending with the year 1171, has already been printed by Dr. O'Conor, from the autograph original, which was preserved among the manuscrijjts of the Duke of Buckingham, at StoAve. His text, however, is full of errors ; it is printed in the Italic character, and the contractions of the manuscrijit, which in many places Dr. O'Conor evidently misunderstood, are allowed to remain, although without any attempt to represent them by a peculiar type. There are also many serious errors and defects in his Latin translation, arising partly from the cause just alluded to, but chiefly from ignorance of Irish topography and geography. ...

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