O'Reagan Douglas M. - Taking nazi technology

Author : O'Reagan Douglas M.
Title : Taking nazi technology Allied exploitation of German Science after the Second World War
Year : 2019

Link download : O_Reagan_Douglas_M_-_Taking_nazi_technology.zip

Serious historical research would be impossible without the work of countless archivists and librarians, some of whom I had the pleasure of working with directly but many more of whom contributed enormously to this work indirectly. Thanks to the staff at the US National Archives in College Park, Maryland, and Washington, DC; the Library of Congress; the US Army Center of Military History at Fort McNair; the Hagley Museum; the Science Heritage Institute; the UK National Archives in Kew; the British Library; the Archives Nationales in Fontainebleau and Paris; the Service Historique de la Defense; and the Bundesarchiv Koblenz and Bundesarchiv Berlin. This research would also have been impossible without the efforts of the librarians and library staff at University of California, Berkeley, the Berkeley Public Library, Stanford University, the University of Virginia, Washington State University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and elsewhere. ...

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