O'Reilly Augustine J. - The martyr's of the coliseum

Author : O'Reilly Augustine J.
Title : The martyr's of the coliseum or historical records of the great amphitheatre of ancient Rome
Year : 1872

Link download : O_Reilly_Augustine_J_-_The_martyr_s_of_the_coliseum.zip

The present work, imperfect as it is, has the recommendation of being the only one on the subject ever published in the English language. With a slight modification, this assertion maybe extended to every other European tongue. Some works .have been printed in Italy on the Coliseum, but they treat it as a Pagan monument, or as a work of art. I have not found any one give more than a couple of pages to its Christian records. Marangoni's " Memorie Sucre e Profane delV Anfiteatro Flavio," which is by far the best published, and from which I have largely drawn in the following pages, does not give more than some of the names of the Martyrs of the Coliseum, with references to their Acts. All admit that the Coliseum was sanctified by the blood of thousands of martyrs ; they mention a few of the most important, and then pass on as if the world no longer took an interest in the most sacred and solemn reminiscences of the Christian past. ...

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