Ohlig Karl-Heinz - The hidden origins of Islam

Author : Ohlig Karl-Heinz
Title : The hidden origins of Islam New research into its early history
Year : 2010

Link download : Ohlig_Karl-Heinz_-_The_hidden_origins_of_Islam.zip

This volume of collected essays seeks to bring a bit of light into the hidden beginnings of a major world religion, namely, Islam. This intention. as we ll as my calling Islam's begi nnings "hidden," may well astound many. for the beginnings and later development of o nly a few religions seem to be as clearly known as those oflslttm. In the early sixth century, the prophet Muhammad (57CH534) arose; he proclaimed the revelations of Allah in Mecca and Medina and eventually united aU the tribes of the Arabian peninsula into one wm1uz under his religious and pol itical leadership. The life of the prophet, his upbringing and marriages, his work, the Hijra from Mecca to Medina in 622, and his battles are na,·rated in detail in Muslim publications as well as those concerning the academic discipline of Islamic swdies. ...

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