Parkman Francis - France and England in North America 1 Pioneers of France in the New world

Author : Parkman Francis
Title : France and England in North America 1 Pioneers of France in the New world
Year : 1865

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Introduction. The springs of American civilization, unlike those of the elder world, lie revealed in the clear light of History. In appearance, they are feeble ; in reality, copious and full of force. Acting at the sources of life, instruments otherwise weak become mighty for good and evil, and men, lost elsewhere in the crowd, stand forth as agents of Destiny. In their toils, their sufferings, their conflicts, momentous questions were at stake, and issues vital to the future world,—the prevalence of races, the triumph of principles, health or disease, a blessing or a curse. On the obscure strife where men died by tens or by scores hung questions of as deep import for posterity as on those mighty contests of national adolescence where carnage is reckoned by thousands. It is not the writer's purpose, however, to enter upon subjects which have already been thoroughly investigated and developed, but to restrict himself to those where new facts may be exhibited, or facts already known may be placed in a more clear and just light. ...

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