Patriae Amor - A Comparison of slavery with abolitionism

Author : Patriae Amor
Title : A Comparison of slavery with abolitionism; together with reflections deduced from the premises, touching the several interests of the United States
Year : 1848

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To my venerable friend, Lyman Beecher, D.D. President of Lane Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio, this epistle is most respectfully inscribed. Reverend and Very dear Sir : Perhaps you may have noticed in the New York Observer, during the summer of 1847, several letters from the Rev. Mr. Sawtel, dated at New Orleans, in relation to the treatment of slaves ? It would seem that Mr. Sawtel went out, or was sent out, to travel through the slave-holding states, critically to examine and true report to make—" naught extenuate, nor aught set down in malice"—as to the real condition of the slave—that from his known ability and veracity, intelligence might be had that could be relied upon, satisfactorily, for future use. He performed his duty thoroughly and faithfully, and reported, as before remarked, from New Orleans. By this report it was found the condition of the negro, both as to personal comforts and religious privileges, would compare favorably with the great mass of operatives in this or any other country, and their masters, instead of being " tyrants" were their patrons and friends. This report, as can well be imagined, was "gall and wormroood" to our abolition brethren ! especially as it contrasted so powerfully with the prejudiced statements made for their account and use, and, with rueful countenance and maledictions dire, spread broadcast over the land. They thought at first to destroy the effects of these letters, by denouncing the Rev. Mr. Sawtel ! but finding this abortive—as he was too well intrenched in the confidence and affection of the christian public changed their ground, and boldly declared, they had nothing to do with the treatment, but with the institution ! Now, my friend, to ascertain how much they have to do with the institution, legitimately, let us invite them to the Bible. If they be christians, they will acknowledge this book to be of the highest authority : if they do not, we must beg leave, most respectfully, to have as little to do with them as they with the " treatment. But taking it for granted they are good christians, or believe themselves such, please bring them to the standard, that for the future they may take the word of God for their guide, instead of the " traditions of men"—for it will be poor compensation for their zeal to find in the end, when they come to be judged bv it, they have been fighting against God ! and hence, " Blind leaders of the blind." ...

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