Pelley William Dudley - Hidden empire

Author : Pelley William Dudley
Title : Hidden empire
Year : 1938

Link download :

Walk up to the average man anywhere in the United States today anel ask him to tell you what he thinks is wrung with our country. He will uniformly reply: "Too many screwy ideas in Govemment! If the politicians would only stop trying to mess in everything and run our lives for us, \-ve might get to work and pull the country from its bog-hole!" Say to him: "So its the politicians that are messing and wrecking everything?" "Yes," he will growl, "·-the politicians and the Jews!" "Ah!" you exclaim. "So you're beginning to feel that Jews somehow have a hand in all this Federal mischief and bankruptcy?" And seven out of ten of such average men will close the interview by growling: "Well, at least there's too many running things, anyhow!" ...

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