Radl Karl - My journey from ethnocentrism to egocentrism

Author : Radl Karl
Title : My journey from ethnocentrism to egocentrism
Year : 2010

Link download : Radl_Karl_-_My_journey_from_ethnocentrism_to_egocentrism.zip

Comment 1. Well you see the problem there is assuming there is a big jew so to speak. It is an intellectualisation that is kind of unhelpful, although understandable (since Aryans would have to act in that way to achieve the same effect), because it presumes there is a central deciding point. I don't know if you mean the individual jews in charge of the corporation, but I'll assume for the way it is worded that it is meant as a conspiratorial point (i.e. one big jew not many different ones so-to-speak). When you see a news program what you are seeing is the editors preference with the presenters charm. The Editor is of course behold to his manager and so forth up to the CEO who is appointed by those who own the corporation. It doesn't matter so much whether the jews own or the jews just are at the top levels of management, but the key is that they are in a position to impose their views and ideology onto their subordinates. If you notice the media doesn't have one line, but it does have several different lines on any given news show, some cater to the communist, some to the weak-willed liberal, others to 'conservatives' and so forth. There is no central control of that, but that it is jews successfully selling their thoughts to others that is the problem. When a jew educates someone at university that jew will have instilled in them their fundamental ideology, and perhaps when they read another jews book and become converts to another ideology (sometimes the inverse of their previous one), and when they go into the media as a journalist, a manager or even as a owner. They take these beliefs with them that even with no jews at the top level or as owners: they impose these jewish-inspired beliefs onto their corporation in the same way that a CEO or a manager imposes their belief in restructuring onto a corporation. It is a war of the mind and it doesn’t need a conspiracy, but when a jew imposes his thoughts on another race and there is a consistent imposition of jewish thought then that provides a non-deliberate, and more effective as it happens, control of the media by changing the poles within in which the media operates. If we look at the Zionist jews as an example: we see that they are not in control of the media per se. They do have Rupert Murdoch, who despite claims to the contrary is not jewish as far as the evidence has been presented indicates, but he is only part of it. The jews know, and by jews I mean supporters of Israel trying to out do each other in their support of Israel in an eternal game of one-up-manship common to jewish culture, that in order to do this the most effective way is to set boundaries and to police those boundaries they use a series of organisations (sometimes jewish (some of which were originally anti-Zionist) and sometimes not) to attack the points at which they want the poles of discussion and acceptability to change and to engage in advocacy to support that change. ...

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