Radl Karl - Semitic Controversies 2011 Issue

Author : Radl Karl
Title : Semitic Controversies 2011 Issue
Year : 2011

Link download : Radl_Karl_-_Semitic_Controversies_2011_Issue.zip

Moshe Katsav the Rapist. Tuesday, 4 January 2011. As you may have read recently ex-Israeli President Moshe Katsav has just been convicted of being a serial rapist by an Israeli court in Tel Aviv. The rapes and general sexual harassment took place during Katsav’s term in office between 2000 and 2007, which indicates to us the sheer scale of Katsav’s criminal activities. What is particularly interesting to us is an article written by the Jewish Telegraphic Association (or JTA for short) writer Dina Kraft entitled ‘Katsav rape conviction hailed as watershed moment’, which has been published in several major jewish media organs in the United States. First of all Kraft points out that Katsav’s Freudian habits were not limited to one particular jewess but rather span numerous victims who no doubt are going to be demanding compensation from just about anyone they can vaguely link to Katsav. Kraft even goes as far as to suggest that this sexual abuse was widely known about by Israeli politicians and the media in general: she implies; of course, that a massive cover-up took place but also tries to excuse this typically immoral behaviour by claiming that male jews see it as part of the perks of their government positions to sexually harass and even rape the jewish (no word about the non-jewish) females employed there. Kraft even claims; by way of indirect apology for Katsav’s actions, that Israel is a ‘nation in arms’ with a ‘machismo’ bent, but this is a little much given that Israel maybe a country with a lot of ostensive military power but as has often been remarked by military analysts the performance of its troops on the ground leaves quite a lot to be desired in spite of the image projected by its propagandists at home and abroad. That said as Shahak and Mezvinsky have observed Israelis have engaged in more than their fair share of atrocities against civilians and then proceeded to try and claim that jews are special and therefore don’t have to abide by the same code as mere mortals. This is also the essence of much of Finkelstein’s critique of Israel’s use of the ‘holocaust’ as a shield and a weapon to silence its enemies. Secondly Kraft argues that the conviction of Katsav is a landmark in Israeli society, because this is essentially the first time that one of the inevitably corrupt Israeli high officials has actually been successfully prosecuted for even the most basic of crimes. Corruption is; of course, an epidemic in Israel even more so than in the People’s Republic of China as unlike the Chinese the jews are almost completely egocentric and have little to no conception of the good of the group and tend to only pay lip service to their stated principles. Another example of this is the ongoing case against the former; and supposedly moderate, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert who is currently in the process of being tried for multiple white collar crimes revolving around his personal finances, corporate connections and abuse of public funds. Is there any other country in the world where corruption is endemic but yet we are told so little about it in the West? While of course the so-called ‘Israel Lobby’ drones on about how wonderful Israel and how much it is contributing to the world in general (anyone think about the implications of that argument so often used by Zionists and its context in Judaism). ...

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