Radl Karl - Sources on jews and communism

Author : Radl Karl
Title : Sources on jews and communism
Year : 2011

Link download : Radl_Karl_-_Sources_on_jews_and_communism.zip

Introductory Note. What I reproduce here, for ease of reference, is a series of quotations from various sources, contemporary and modern, illustrating the hotly debated connection between jews and revolutionary ideas, particularly marxism. What these sources do not provide is proof positive that the jews and communism or jews and bolshevism are interchangeable (which is my opinion an incorrect and overstated argument), but what they do provide is an easy-to-use archive of properly referenced quotes for the use of those engaged in arguments or research on this question. As many of the books I cite are academic in nature and/or are out-of-print: I thought it would be appropriate to provide my readers and the public in general with decent, as opposed to the silly (which proliferate on 'far right' discussion boards and destroy the credibility of those arguing a connection between the two), quotations on this most debated question. ...

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