Radl Karl - Why semitic controversies was created

Author : Radl Karl
Title : Why semitic controversies was created
Year : 2008

Link download : Radl_Karl_-_Why_semitic_controversies_was_created.zip

Some responses that we’ve had to our efforts here at Semitic Controversies have been quite critical of the fact that we take to task the anti-jewish literature far more than we ostensibly do the jews. Although if you carefully read the articles that we have written. It should become apparent that we are not defending jews, but rather making an effort to set anti-jewish discourse on an even and factual keel. Semitic Controversies is doing this, because we believe that anti-jewish literature has been dogged by a whole range of canards, general lack of knowledge about jews and a very two-dimensional interpretation of them as a race. We have found in our considerable combined experience in discoursing with others about jews and with jews themselves. That those who criticise jews are often badly informed about jews and seem to take little trouble in trying to understand their ostensible opponent. It is often the case that those who criticise jews are as badly informed as those who apologise for them. That is an unpleasant statement for strongly anti-jewish people, such as ourselves, to make, but one that is unfortunately a truism at the time of writing. This is not to say that some anti-jewish critiques and writings that have appeared over the years have not been without merit and that there have even been some trenchant ones. That have realistically and precisely defined the jewish foe in the light of the knowledge and literature available at that time. However: what has happened since the end of the Second World War is that discourse about the jews has ceased to evolve for all practical purposes and has not changed to suit the times that it is in or changed state of the intellectual landscape that it now has to contend with. In essence: it has stagnated and the assertions it makes about jews have ready-made powerful answers. Jews can, for example, rightly charge that the quotes from the Talmud used by many are either made-up, altered or taken out of context. ...

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