Reisman Judith Ann - Kinsey, sex and fraud

Authors : Reisman Judith Ann - Eichel Edward W.
Title : Kinsey, sex and fraud The indoctrination of A People An investigation into the human sexuality research of Alfred C. Kinsey, Wardell B. Pomeroy, Clyde E. Martin and Paul H. Gebhard
Year : 1990

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Once in a while mavericks step onto the world stage and challenge the cherished beliefs of the majority. They are nonconformists—gadflies—not by temperament or personality but by the brute forces of reason and intellect which compel them to hold firm to their impregnable position. In such a dilemma the authors of this book find themselves. Academia has embraced the model of sexuality advanced in the Kinsey Reports and has given Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey mythical status. His conclusions have become the dangerous foundation built upon by subsequent sex research; indeed, textbooks quote Kinsey’s findings as if they were undisputed truth. Dr. Court, Edward Eichel, Dr. Muir and Dr. Reisman expose the inherent bias and fraudulent methods of Kinsey and his team of researchers. Demonstrating that bias and incontrovertibly proving Kinsey’s data grossly inaccurate, it is to be hoped the conclusions drawn from those data would be rejected and a new premise posited. Unfortunately, there are those in our society who (in order to promote their own agenda) would rather believe a lie. ...

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