Renfrew Collin - Past worlds Atlas of archaeology

Author : Renfrew Collin
Title : Past worlds Atlas of archaeology
Year : 2003

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Introduction. An Atlas of World archeology is a challenging enterprise. World archaeology has only recently become a reality. Indeed only for the past thirty years has it technically even been a possibility. When dealing with the early human past, the first question which one must answer, and the very crux of the matter when trying to discover what actually happened, is 'when' ? When did the significant changes, which we are trying to understand, take place in different parts of the world ? If the human species first developed in Africa, as now seems to be the case, when did people first move from Africa to Asia, and then to Europe ? When were the Americas first peopled? When did the ancestors of the aborigines first arrive in Australia ? These are questions which can, at last, be answered, even though some of these answers are still provisional. Coherent views are emerging on these topics (and are surveyed in Section two of this Atlas). ...

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