Reynouard Vincent - Despite censorship and repression I will not keep quiet

Author : Reynouard Vincent
Title : Despite censorship and repression I will not keep quiet
Year : 2017

Link download :

In many European countries my new Youtube is now blocked. Those logging on to the site are met with "no recent activity". And when they go to the video tab, they see only those videos posted three months ago or earlier. My most recent uploads are unavailable, despite links being clickable. In short, it’s a veritable videocide. But this was only to be expected. Please remember that all our videos are available on the Sans ConcessionTV website based in the USA and therefore safe under the First Amendment. Thanks very much for letting all your contacts know. How long will I be able to continue? I don’t know. Because now, the British press is beginning to take an interest in me. Yesterday, The Indepedent published a sensationalist article entitled "Undercover at a secret "neo-Nazi" meeting with Holocaust denier David Irving". I was the first speaker and delivered a speech entitled "A challenge to the British authorities". Not surprisingly, the journalist talked about me, informing his readers that, like David Irving, I had already been jailed for Holocaust denial. He went on to say: "Mr Reynouard, who is wanted in France to serve a second sentence for Holocaust denial, was the first speaker. He claimed the Allies "orchestrated propaganda in the Soviet style", that gas chambers at Nazi death camps were in fact used to delouse prisoners, and that the Holocaust was simply "a rumour". He ended by telling the crowd that "defence is the best form of attack", and urged them to block the construction of a planned Holocaust memorial in Westminster. " The journalist is mistaken. I did not invite anyone to "block" construction of the future British Holocaust Memorial. Revisionists are motivated by truth: once convinced, then we do not need to adopt such methods. On the contrary, we fight loyally, argument upon argument. We propose, we expose, we do not impose and we censure less still. In fact, after invoking the religious character of this future memorial, I concluded my speech as follows: According to the English authorities, this memorial is considered "Britain's historic and contemporary response to the Holocaust. In total, six million Jews, including 1.5 million children, were brutally murdered in the Holocaust, along with millions of other victims of Nazi persecution." But what does any response mean if nothing happened in the first place? Hence my proposal that British revisionists challenge their authorities: they should demand that in this memorial : 1. the designers provide proof, clear proof of the existence of "gas chambers" at Auschwitz, Majdanek, Treblinka, Sobibor or Belzec 2. that a public debate be held between revisionists and historians to discuss the worthiness of this evidence - I will gladly associate myself with this challenge, Because I have nothing left to lose, I have lost everything except that which is most precious: freedom of spirit, which enables each one of us to seek the truth and to say it out loud. ...

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