Reynouard Vincent - The ordeal of the revisionist activists

Author : Reynouard Vincent
Title : The ordeal of the revisionist activists (and their families)
Year : 2016

Link download :

Recently, a viewer asked me to respond to opponents and other agitators, who, under the video about Elie Wiesel death, keep posting comments. I am sorry dear viewer, but I will not answer them. Why? Because my time is more likely limited. Last June, I was finally sentenced to one year in jail. Next September, I will once again be trialed, which will lead, no doubt to a new sentence. Therefore, that means in total: 2 years and two months in prison. But, that will not be it. Because, in groups of 3 or 4, my opponents sue my videos. Therefore, they could have me sentenced maybe 10 to 15 times. Some will say that I found refuge in England. It's true. But, let's have a look at the articles which announced my last sentence. Monde Actu Website declares: "The last remaining question is: will the holocaust denier serve his sentence? Since he left the French territory before appealing." Same speech on the regional channel Normandy site: "Now the question is whether Vincent Reynouard will serve his sentence.The Holocaust denier would have left the French territory between the first judgment and the appeal. After some times spent in Belgium he might be in London today." These articles show that in the shadows, my opponents become agitated to get my extradition. Because they can not stand the impunity I benefit. The "Anti-Racist Info" blog calls, for that matter, to make noise about this impunity to put it to a halt. Empty words? No. Because, it's they, who last year, acted with my bank to close my account. They falsely accused me to use it to collect funds to pay my fine. Like if I was going to pay my fines to the Republic! Their action led me to be summoned by the police under suspicion of "public subscription, seeking compensation of pecuniary criminal conviction." So, I am fully aware that this blog leaders will take action to get me arrested. Besides, some police inspectors have already stormed to the new address of my ex-girlfriend, Mary. Unable to find her, they left, taking a computer with them. In short, even if I am not the Public Enemy 1 I know that they are looking for me. But precisely, let's talk about Marie. Last year, I announced that my long time collaborator, Marie Perrerou, had been assaulted by two men who extracted my phone number from her. In fact, the victim was not Marie Perrerou. The victim was in fact Marie my ex-girlfriend. But she was so terrified that she refused to complain, and indeed she never did, or that I spook of this attack by revealing that it was her. This is why I mentioned Marie Perrerou, who, has never been attacked. ...

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