Rhodes Betty - Sounding the Shofar

Author : Rhodes Betty
Title : “Sounding the Shofar” Unveiling the Lost Tribes of Israel
Year : 2008

Link download : Rhodes_Betty_-_Sounding_the_Shofar.zip

Locating the tribes : When locating the 'lost ten tribes' in modern times, we must first look at the NATIONS, not the people in particular, as each Israelite tribal member has become so scattered around the globe and mixed among the other peoples, it is now impossible to represent each individual tribal member. When the blessings were handed down to Ephraim & Manasseh, from Jacob, it is the 'nations' they would someday represent that reflects the pattern for proper tribal ID. The 'horn', or power behind the nation, represents the tribal father's pattern. For instance, Zebulun's pattern will be 'bounties of the sea and treasures of the sand'. Zebulun is represented by Cornwall, England. The Coat of Arms for Cornwall has an Arms Supporter on either side of the shield, one a fisherman, the other a tin miner. Fishing and tin mining are the chief industries in Cornwall. There are six Celtic groups, and there are six sons of Leah. All of Leah's sons can be found with the Celtic nations. This is not to say that each person with Celtic ancestry is not an Israelite from Leah & Jacob no matter where they live, for they are, however, their specific tribe will be represented by the country and location designated to that tribe, and these clues are usually quite obvious, as you will see in this book. ...

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