Ross Edward Alsworth - World drift

Author : Ross Edward Alsworth
Title : World drift
Year : 1928

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Of the thirteen papers which make up this volume certainly eight or nine deal with general tendencies and hence justify the title. Even the remaining papers consider crescent problems which have to be faced by a large part of humanity. Many a student of society is a monist, finding in some one tendency the key to what is happening in the disturbed sections of mankind. But as for me I am a pluralist; I think I see several such keys. One is the radiation of culture from the advanced to the backward peoples as described in Chapter I. Another is the suspension of the survival of the fittest as set forth in Chapters II and III. The intensification of capitalism is the theme of Chapter V. Chapters VI and VII bring out the culture conflict between East and West. The next two chapters disclose certain problems and experiences of the student of world conditions. "The Military Mind" portrays a type that pesters at least a fourth of our race. So perhaps the title WORLD DRIFT is not a misnomer. Edward Alsworth Ross Madison, Wisconsin, May, 1928. ...

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