Schrag Paul - Haze Xaviant - The suppressed history of America

Authors : Schrag Paul - Haze Xaviant
Title : The suppressed history of America The murder of Meriwether Lewis and the mysterious discoveries of the Lewis and Clark expedition
Year : 2011

Link download :

Foreword. If it flies in the face of convention, suppress it. If it contradicts accepted academic dogma, reject it. If it opens minds, condemn it. If it turns history upside down, make sure it never sees the light of day. So has it been down through time. So it was in the late 1800s when Smithsonian executive John Wesley Powell and his colleagues decided that, for humanity’s good, they had best systematically destroy the vast amount of accumulated evidence proving that several Native American Indian tribes were most probably descended from ancient European visitors to the New World. Yes, in the minds of duplicitous psychopaths, destruction is always sanctified by some dubious pretext. Nevertheless, regardless of the blitzkrieg on truth, it is always a day for celebration when nefarious plots are foiled or exposed. Reading through the pages of this book gives me this sense of satisfaction. It also furnishes me with additional proof of the devilry of people in high places. Although I have always been aware of the extraordinary lengths to which brainwashers will go to engender the consensus trance that suits their overall agenda for world control, it is valuable to learn even more about their ruthless and unceasing campaign to mislead us. Page after page, I was left aghast. ...

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