Schwarz Karl - Long live the Khazaria empire - Not

Author : Schwarz Karl
Title : Long live the Khazaria empire - Not
Year : 2008

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The Bush-Zionist Global War on Terror has taken another massive hit. Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf resigned at 10am CET - 4am in Washington, DC. Americans can now be assured that there will be NO Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline as TAP, or the alternative version of TAPI (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India) until the United States completely changes its policies towards the people of Islam. Over recent months, the Taliban have grown in strength and most of Afghanistan is now under their control. It took a long time for this Bush Dirty Diaper to fill up, but folks, it is now an extremely nasty one. Some of the British journalists are doing a very good job in analyzing this latest US imperial expansion fiasco in Georgia. Guardian journalist Seumas Milne has done a fine job of presenting this matter in his August 14 article. What the world just witnessed in Georgia is more US imperialism than it is Russian aggression, just as Iraq and Afghanistan are about US and Zionist Imperialism and aggression. The truth will slowly surface in the coming months that Russia acted appropriately to defend against the ethic genocide of Russian Orthodox Christians by Muslims, Zionist Israelis, mercenaries and all dreamed up and sponsored by our pretend-Christian war criminal president. ...

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