Serrano Miguel - Adolf Hitler The Ultimate Avatar

Author : Serrano Miguel
Title : Adolf Hitler The Ultimate Avatar
Year : 2011

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This is not a Book; it is musical mystery and mysticism, Darkness and Light: Esoteric symbolism, Astral Travel, Master and Pupil and so much more. A Book describing the ongoing, titanic and eternal battle between Gods and Devils – between a Dark Force, a Satanic Spirit and a coming, or returning Hyperborean, Aryan Age. To understand this obscure tome, this esoteric masterpiece, one needs to have read Savitri Devi – at least her The Lightning and the Sun. There is an affinity between the two authors, both intellectual and spiritual. They were friends and met both in India and Externstein, Germany. Both regarded Jews as the physical incarnation of the Dark Force of the Demiurge. Like Serrano, Savitri Devi, “the High Priestess of Hitlerism”, was convinced Hitler was an Avatar, the penultimate Avatar. She quotes Hans Grimm, who recalled his meeting of an hour with AH in 1928 at which the latter admitted “he was not the one”. He was “preparing the way for the one – the bare essential work of preparation”. Devi believed that “the one” Kalki would have Hitler’s spirit, but be “less Sun and more Lightning” – more merciless. It is interesting that neither author, despite their intimate knowledge of the Bhagavad-Gita, mentions 2012 – that year of cosmic significance for Aryan Man: the beginning of transition from Kalyuga to Kritayuga. Small circles around ever bigger ones: cycles spanning millions of years, dictating alternating Ages of High Culture and degeneration. Nothing can stop this Wheel of Time. The Memory of the Blood This is a central theme in the Book: crucial for the understanding of this epic, Spiritual Odyssey. A Voice, harking from a distant, primordial past, still lingers in those Aryans still loyal to their Race. A Voice beckoning the Hyperborean Archetype, urging those attuned to it to a final, finite fight to the finish, against the Eternal Enemy. A Spiritual battle comparable to the Mahabharata – a battle closing a cycle and opening another. The Jewish Collective Unconscious is always exclusive, fanatic, intolerant, divisive producing chaos. It hurls downwards, spiraling into ever deeper Kalyuga... “The truth of the Jew is the organic lie” – Rosenberg. And hence the absence of any afterlife in Judaism: neither Heaven nor Hell. “And when a Jew dies, nothing remains – he is devoured by the Lord of Darkness”. Serrano and Jung respected each other, though Serrano criticizes Jung’s description of The Memory of the Blood in psychoanalytical (Jewish) terms: The Collective Unconscious. Jung describes Hitler as a “Spiritual vessel, a semi deity, a myth: The man with the strongest Will that ever existed. German politics is not made, it is revealed through Hitler.” For Serrano, Hitler has to be described in hermetic language to be understood. He had a mysterious power that caused terror in Goebbels: “At times, I think the Fuhrer is not human”. Since birth, Hitler was predestined, committed to his mission. He sublimated his sexual drive into a love for Germany. He was the Hyperborean Archetype, chosen to reinforce the Memory of the Blood – the Eternal Return of the Archetype. And Ancient Wisdom tells us that the Great Man chooses his birthplace, his destiny. He incarnates the Collective Self of superior mankind. He stands heroically alone and prepares the dawn of the next Time Cycle. And even if He fails, other Great Men, not born out of circumstances, but predestined, chosen, Men above Time, who see the struggle in a cosmic sense, will continue the fight. For eternal things originate in darkness and silence – and they will endure. Serrano believes that Hitler will reincarnate into Kalki at the extreme moment. He will awaken the dream, infuse heroism in those that remain loyal – and He will save the Race. For, as He said: “If I win the war, I will have given a mortal blow to the Jew. If I lose the war, their triumph will only be for a brief time.” Hitler lost a battle, not a war. Master and Pupil. Only when the pupil is ready, does the Master appear. There is a synchronicity, a strange coincidence. Over time, the pupil is guided, coached into contact with the Divine. He joins an Elite Priesthood that blesses, not washes. An interiorized itinerary of magic, rite, ritual and ceremony, performed to perfection. The Master-Pupil relationship is Archetypal, since time immemorial. It never changes and the pupil obeys blindly – he must. And moments of inspiration are fleeting; they pass in an instant and must be grasped. Like when Serrano visited the SS Castle at Wewelsburg and had that powerful, mystical experience. And like Parsifal, one becomes “pure like a madman”. Serrano is anti-Semitic, or more precisely, anti Jewish, but not in a petty, personal way. He is anti Jewish in Spirit and perceives Them as the spiritual antipode to the Aryan. Jews enforced a rigid, racial code for millennia before which, in comparison, the National Socialist Racial Creed seems childish. And Serrano honored his mysterious, enigmatic Master, remaining loyal to him and his Fuhrer till his dying breath. He searched for the Grail, from Externstein to Montsegur, India to Antarctica, the peaks of Chile and the Himalayas – he searched. And he met valid personages: Jung, the Dalai Lama, Nehru, Julius Evola, Savitri Devi, Nita de Pierrefeu, Ezra Pound, Remer, Rudel, Reitsche and others. And if Savitri Devi is “Hitler’s High Priestess”, Serrano will ever be remembered as the High Priest of Esoteric Hitlerism. This is not a Book for everybody. One needs a predisposition, an intuition to begin to understand it. With every pore of one’s body, as an open window to the gusts of timeless, Immemorial Truths. A difficult, arduous journey at the end of which the reader, enriched, feels a deep sense of debt and gratitude to the Translator who offered this Treasure. Norman Lowell. The Sacred Island of Melita 22nd Sept 2011. ...

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