Serrano Miguel - The golden cord

Author : Serrano Miguel
Title : The golden cord Esoteric Hitlerism Chapters and Excerpts
Year : 1977

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Forward and introduction By Jason Alfred Thompkins. In 1978 Miguel Serrano published his first book on Esoteric Hitlerism which came to be his lifelong philosophy and passion which he never abandoned. In fact he spent most of his life learning the "hidden" or "Occult" (Occult literally translates as "hidden") aspects of National Socialism. With his blend of Tantric-Kundalini Yoga, the mystery of the Runes, Ariosophy, the secret rites of the Troubadours and Minnesingers and their MYSTICAL LOVE, the Cathars, his Gnostic beliefs, his fascination with "The Mysteries" and being initiated into a Mystical "Order" in Chile (The Sacred Order of Thi- U-Hin) Serrano found his lifelong "Master" Carlos Rogat Salas AKA Sri Raaknahaif (1878-1974) whom Serrano was loyal to all the way to the end. Serrano traveled and journeyed the entire world meeting prominent people who could answer his questions and quench his thirst for knowledge. These people were not just ordinary men and women. Serrano had access to a massive amount of knowledge and to the great men and women who kept it. From spending time with Julius Evola and Ezra Pound to being one of the first "Westerners" to greet the Dalai Lama when he fled Tibet and made it to the other side. Serrano and His Holiness the Dalai Lama remained good friends through-out his life. His most well-known friendships were with Carl Jung and Herman Hesse whom Hesse called "The Hermetic Circle" and Serrano later wrote his best-selling book on these visits and friendships (The Hermetic Circle or C.G. Jung and Herman Hesse: A Record of Two Friendships). But little is known about Serrano's meetings with high ranking Nazi Party Members and high level Fascist Leaders. In 1948 Serrano took a voyage to Antarctica, the South Pole, looking for the "Oasis of Warm Water." In the 1950s he traveled and spent a decade or so in India and the Himalayas studying Kundalini Yoga and opening his Chakras which is detailed quite well in his book The Serpent of Paradise. Serrano continued to write prominent mystical books and kept journeying throughout Europe, India, Tibet and South America meeting with top level National Socialists and getting his information from "the very source." ...

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