Sheil Thor - Sheil Audrey - What is heathenism

Authors : Sheil Thor - Sheil Audrey
Title : What is heathenism
Year : 1992

Link download :

The Pagan Revival began in the 1960s. It saw the resurgence of the pre-Christian religions of Europe and the Middle East. Modern Paganism includes the revived Mystery Schools of the Hellenic world, the Celtic religions of ancient Europe, Ireland and Scotland, and the European religion known as Wicca. On the edges of Paganism came the recovery of Norse, German and Anglo-Saxon beliefs. Modern Pagans tried to fit them within their own format. Others decided to take the Germanic beliefs on their own merits, exclusive of precedents set by modern Pagans. The result is a distinct religion which is very different in purpose, flavor and structure from the ways of the modern Pagan community. To distinguish itself from conventional Paganism, the term AHeathenism@ was adopted. Though Heathenism is indeed a Pagan religion, it is distinct as a unique entity under the larger Pagan umbrella. There have been several names coined for various Heathen groups: Hedenskap, Asatru, Odinism, Thorism, Theod, Troth, Der Urglaawe, etc. Most of these terms relate to specific branches of Heathenism. The term, that covers all of them is Heathenism. Though each branch is itself distinct. all have much in common than. ...

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